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Southwest Art

Featured Denver Artist

Jim Vilona | Playing With Metal

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Boulder Lifestyle

James Vilona and his wife, Cheri interview with Boulder Lifestyle Magazine about what it is like opening a gallery space.

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Luxury Portfolio International


Times Call Longmont

Downtown Longmont, CO Sculpture Installation. James Vilona's "Birds of Paradise" Bronze sculpture series stands proudly in Longmont's historic downtown.​

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Southwest Art - Where Are They Now?

Denver, CO Artist, James Vilona is featured in Southwest Art's article about the journey of Artists they have previously featured and written about.

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SOFA Chicago, IL

James Vilona is featured in the Sculpture Objects Functional Art + Design (SOFA) Fair in Chicago.

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Home & Garden - Boulder County

HG's Boulder County shows an incredible home with a custom bench Installation by Denver, CO Artist, James Vilona.

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